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merging Technologies
peed / Acceleration

Cloud Migration

  • Accelerate the Migration, with the help of pre-fabricated cloud solutions. We help our customers in their Cloud Journey / Migrations in Re-Hosting, Re-Platform and Re-Engineer

Data Warehousing Analytics

  • Expertise in building Automated & Intelligent Datawarehouse & Instant BI in Datalake for analyzing data and deriving insights to help businesses make decisions

Internet of Things

  • We innovate ideas in Internet of Ecosystem that would connect the entities and take mutual benefit in their realtime Interactions

Virtual Reality

  • With Strong focus on AR/VR, we have a CoE that would quickly convert Ideas into Reality, where AR/VR technology can be infused into Day-Day business Operations

Digital Intelligence

We collaborate & partner with our customers in their Digital Transformation journey, accelerated with Innovative solutions & Emerging Technologies through a wealth of Industry experience, that could open the doors for building Intelligent Applications

Amana DigitalScy's proprietary data modernization framework helps customers migrate their legacy Datawarehouse from Teradata, Netezza and other on-premise data warehouses to AWS Redshift, quickly convert data into Intelligent Informtion that can be leveraged by business in deriving a quick business value to improve their operations. Our framework is driven by accelerators that helps in reducing the end to end migration effort by 20-40%

Our Solution Drivers

We develop Strategies to better leverage the Data to understand the customers, products, risks and solve business problems

  • Customer Centric Solutions
  • Aligned to Business Drivers / Pillars of Organization Growth
  • Enterprise Digital Strategy
  • Time to Market - Agile Delivery
  • Sensitive to Customers Data – Completely Compliant with Security Principles
  • Business Centric Solutions – Infuse Innovation in Business Operations
  • Partner with Customer to walk hand in hand in Transformation
  • AI / ML based solutions to replace legacy systems/processes

How It Works


Objectively define the Capabilities that are aligned with your business objectives


Architectural principles & Success criteria that would enable you with Technology driven future state capabilities


With Zero Defects, CI/CD, Security, Scalability, Maintainability & Delivery Operations


With our Continuous improvements on Performance Management & make Applications & platform stabilize in months

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